Sales & Distribution

ChronitoPOS covers all types of operations like purchase, sales, financial accounting, re-ordering, returns, loyalty, schemes and offers, etc. We offer you a chance to try the distribution management software on a trial basis. You can check the stock and sales report and maintain a healthy business relationship.

Order Management

Lower the delivery costs and order processing by getting more orders per salesman with accurate and faster order entry using the ordering and collection mobile app.

  • Empower the sales team to drive more profits by providing the best sales force automation technology
  • Process more orders in less time and earn more profits by covering a large number of retailers in a short time
  • Do stock check and get and updated list in real time

Control Price and margin

Have multiple discounts and price levels for specific customers, customer groups, product categories and enjoy higher margin.

  • Set price level for each of the product or item based on customer type and area
  • Convert sales order and delivery notes easily into invoices
  • At the time of billing view customer buying history and take decisions on offers and discounts to earn higher margin

Credits and outstanding management

Control credit limits and days and have complete visibility by using quality collection reports in the state of the art financial accounting module.

  • Have full control over credit days and credits limits for each of the customer that includes automated locking of credit bill if needed
  • Easy and powerful user interface to do faster payment, receipt adjustments against invoice
  • Flexible user interface for entering opening balance for suppliers, customers and other ledger accounts

Offers and scheme management

Enhance the relationship with the customers and make profits by using offers and schemes that is based on categories, products and customer type and also for selective batch or lot.

  • Offers can be based on customer type, categories and products and also be configured for selective batch or lot
  • Create loyalty programs based on specific products, bill value etc. and product wise based on sale value
  • Special discount offers based on bill value for a particular period of time

Profitable inventory management

To keep a complete track of the stocks, know what you are left with and what you are selling, what to purchase and when to purchase

  • Provision to do the stock audit regularly to generate stock discrepancy report
  • Batch wise inventory analysis that helps to find out batch wise offers, different rates, expiry etc
  • Largely reduce the time taken for item picking and packing by mapping very time to a specific rack or shelf