Restaurant Management System

ChronitoPOS arranges your inventory in a way so that you can navigate easily.

You can search your inventory with images that is linked to it so that you have an idea of what the item looks like. It is designed to give all the tools to the restaurants that it requires to increase efficiency of operations and speed up service. The customizable options that are offered in the system is just ideal for any restaurant type that include fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, bars, cafes etc. Whatever type of establishment you have, ChronitoPOS helps all the staff to complete its tasks efficiently in line with operational style and business.


Benefit having POS software

You can manage the finances and other things easily with the restaurant management system. Though the software cost a considerable amount of money, but after installing, it can reduce the complexity of restaurant management systems. It can also provide the economic benefits in the long run. The software will make work easier and will increase sales and profit of your business. The POS software allows you to manage everything and mould the work patterns as well as the timings of the employees according to your convenience.

Giving everything on your fingertips

To keep a track of everything in a restaurant is a daunting task. Today in the world of digitalization and advanced technology, there are many options which will help to keep a track and it is through Restaurant management system. Restaurant POS system is a very important aspect of Point of Sale technology. It makes complicated hospitality management easy. Why go manually to take orders, pass it to the kitchen and then bring the food when you have customized touch screen menus, automated billing, guest account organization, remote ordering and printing and staff supervision at your fingertips. ChronitoPOS gives the restaurateurs the best of all.


Everything from taking orders to payment system

Restaurant POS software can help you to take down the orders in a systematic way. With the help of software, you can handle the delivery orders that are included in the sales of your restaurant. It helps to send the orders directly to the kitchen without any hassle and also offers with the exact billing system. It can accept both credit and debit cards and also have the facility of split bills. ChronitoPOS offers an easy and quick solution.

Inventory Management system

Managing the inventory in the restaurant can be a very difficult task. Managing the inventory manually can end up spending hours just counting the condiments. With our Restaurant management system, you can reduce the time that you spend managing the restaurant inventory. This Restaurant POS software can also handle the incoming raw materials and inventories that arrive on a regular basis. During the financial calculations of inventories you might miss the important aspect. So this will help you to keep a track and will help to manage the restaurant perfectly. With the help of this software, you can handle the supply and demand of the raw materials.

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