Restaurant POS by Chronito

Why should restaurants lag behind when the entire world is being digitized? Implementing a POS can be the easiest way to upgrade and digitize your restaurant. Don’t you know what a POS is? We have got you covered. Here you’ll find the A to Z of a restaurant POS system.

Traditionally, the customer pays at the restaurant POS system after a meal. To enable the transaction, various payment counters, touch screen systems, and a variety of other IT options are in use today. Today, as the restaurant POS is not just about processing the sales, it is regarded as the restaurant point of service. It helps to enrich the customer experience and thereby streamlines the business operations. The system again maintainsthe business finance by managing the cash together with integrating with the payment service providers.

ChronitoPOS turns handhelds and tablets into full feature POS devices for mobile use and countertop, enabling the department stores to engage with the customers , process payment from anywhere on the sales floor and access real time inventory with support for multiple store locations.

The features of a restaurant POS system by Chronito are -

Easy billing

The inevitable part of eating out in a restaurant is the bill. Normal billing is simple and basic, whereas there are many other things that can upgrade the process of billing and thereby enrich the customer experience. A restaurant POS makes it possible for both the customers as well as the servers to view the menu on a mobile device, mostly a tablet. The manual labor is reduced by such a billing feature and even the customer finds it easy and interesting. The best part is that some restaurant POS systems allow bill splitting too among a group. From all other online food delivery platforms, the orders are directly pushed to the POS system and the restaurant staff does not need to feed it manually. Another benefit is that the customer details come in too along with the order and it directly added to the CRM database.

Control stock and inventory

The biggest blunder that any restaurant can make is to overlook its stock and inventory. A POS solves this problem by controlling it and mitigating an issue of over-ordering or under-ordering. If the kitchen is running out of stock, the POS with an integrated management system alerts the concerned person so that it gets re-filled. Again, another noteworthy aspect of this system is that it never orders as long as the stock does not reach the re-order level or it never sends out a false alarm if the stock is already full. Manual inventory management may bring in some unknown mistakes which are entirely avoided with the POS system.

Augment Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Restaurant owners must always maintain a very cordial relationship with the customers and this relationship development can be enriched and enhanced by a restaurant POS system. It helps to manage the customer base centrally. When a restaurant has multiple outlets, POS helps to have a central database which sections out the customers in terms of location, order history and ordering conduct. This helps a lot in promoting new offers, discounts and launch events via messages and emails. Restaurants deploy loyalty programs too in order to retain customers. POS systems integrated with the CRM enhances the customized Loyalty Programs and target more and better customers.

Manage multiple outlets

A POS system must help in business expansion. It helps to yield a detailed sales report from the outlets allover and hence, you can even compare the sales reports of the different outlets thereby. The stock allover is also monitored. The restaurateurs, who are a little apprehensive about this system should try it out once, more for this very feature. All your apprehensions will be resolved.

Real-time reports

Restaurateurs who are unable to visit their restaurants for checking every report daily should not worry about depending on the restaurant manager for every function and report. The POS systems gave real-time reports regarding every activity that is going on in the restaurant. Hence, the owner will be aware of everything. Again, a cloud-based restaurant POS system is so competent that they provide detailed reports from all the outlets allover. The owner can customize the reports as per convenience and view them graphically. A POS system has rooms for all of these.

Safeguard against internal thefts

Internal thefts and pilferages are very common in this sector and it is widespread. As the POS system provides real-time It is well known that in reality, the restaurant sector is a primary victim of internal thefts and pilferage. Since your restaurant POS will be providing you real-time reports of all the sales, the number of bills generated, stock available, the items sold, it will immensely reduce the scope of theft and your dependency on your managers. You will be able to single-handedly run your business from anywhere in the world right from your phone. All the reports you receive will help you to understand if there is any misappropriation going behind you in your restaurant.

Hence, rising out from the features, the advantages of a restaurant POS system in a nutshell are –

  • Open doors to more customers
  • Quick and accurate payment procedures
  • Bill splitting enabled
  • Reduced order errors
  • Inventory and stock accurately maintaineds
  • Expandable features
  • Improves relationships with customers, new and existing

As you can see, integrating a POS system into your restaurant can benefit you by leaps and bounds. So, get a POS system for your restaurant and enrich your customer experience together with boosting up your sales.