7 Top Innovative Ways You Can Promote Your Restaurant & Earn Huge Revenues and Customer Base


Today I will tell you about 10 awesome secrets which will increase the brand of your restaurant, steeply increase the traffic, get you more sales and drive more visits.

It is seen that the competition in the restaurant industry is becoming fierce day by day. So, it is utmost important for you to promote your restaurant.

Restaurants are moving from traditional marketing ways to other profitable ways of marketing. Nowadays, more than 80% of customers look for restaurants online to dine.

So, it is confirmed that you can’t rely on traditional marketing methods to acquire customers.

Now regarding the ways of promotional steps I can help you with is:

  • Use different digital marketing methods to increase new customer base.
  • Steps to improve your restaurants delivery services so that you can acquire more customers.
  • Use the valor of loyalty programs to attract more customers.


So, the way you choose to run your business in this year 2020 matters the most. Let’s check about the ways you can use to promote your restaurant:

  1. Make Your Social Connections Even Stronger


It is completely an undeniable fact that nowadays social media has become a new weapon for restaurant promotions. The things you can do are:

  • Offer new discounts and loyalty programs
  • Communicate with your prospective customers online
  • Perform advertisements to new customers & many more…


You will be happy to know that the major social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. provides the business owners the golden opportunity to target the specific sections of their users who may like to visit your restaurant and taste your food.

Well, it is also a known fact that Facebook is the very popular social media site in which you can perform a hell lot of advertisements for restaurants. It is also seen that their child company Instagram is becoming a hot favorite in restaurant advertisement.

It is also observed that younger generation is more & more obsessed with Instagram. This trend is utilized by restaurants for their profit. Some big restaurants now don’t have any personal websites. But they have very strong Instagram accounts which they are maintaining for long.

It is seen that more than 70% of restaurants are right now advertising in different social media platforms. But you have to keep in mind that there is fierce competition in this sector. To achieve success you can hire a great social media team to do your work.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly


Pic.1 Make your restaurant website more mobile friendly.

It is observed that at present more than 70% of online traffic comes from mobile phones. This is just the beginning. More and more people are using their mobile phones to connect online. So, it will be foolishness if you are not using your mobile and connect with your potential customers online.

Nowadays, there are a lot of website builders available online (even free) which you can use to create an awesome website for your restaurant. But before opting for any website builder just make sure that it has the option for mobile optimization.

You must make sure that the website you are creating must be responsive and can be accessed from any device. Even I can assure you that most of these website builders have the option to create mobile sites which will be same like your desktop version.

  1. Include A Great Loyalty Program in Your Point of Sale System


Since last 8 years, more than 40% of restaurants have provided loyalty programs to their prospective customers. All the restaurants used to give more importance to repeat customers as compared to one time customers.

Pic2. A customer availing restaurant loyalty programs

So, for your own restaurant’s interest it is expected that you give more importance to increase the number of your loyal customers. Some of the leading point of sale systems used to offer loyalty programs with which you can create customer accounts and track your transactions and expenditures.

If your point of sale software doesn’t have the option of loyalty programs then you can find such a POS system which can connect with third party software which have this option present.

There are many restaurant POS systems which have several in-built tools which you can use to sign up for promotions, newsletters & for other contents.

  1. You Can Attend Local Parties, Meet-Ups and Events


If you have a local restaurant then it becomes very much important for you to increase your presence in your local communities. You must attend the local community events like food fair, parties etc. Then only your local neighbors will know about your restaurant.

I suggest you to register in different community apps, forums, advertise in local events etc.

  1. Arrange a Food Competition and Provide Rewards Based on Foods


Try to host a food competition and give gifts in the form of free meals or food discounts. Just promote your interesting competition in-store, online or locally.

  1. Do Influencers Marketing


I have already mentioned social media advertisements earlier. You can promote your restaurant with influencers in major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of influencers, who own travel blogs, food blogs etc. If your restaurant is mentioned in any of these influencer accounts then your business will go viral. This is the reason that you must contact your local influencers and try to convince them to promote your food items.

  1. Avail POS Systems with Online Reservation Facility


If your website has the option for online reservations then you can opt for third party apps like Dineout or Opentable to connect with customers.

Several customers want to order their food earlier and want to opt for well-organized dinners. Even there are a lot of POS systems which can be connected with online reservation systems which will help you to accept & manage orders automatically.

Some Final Words

I can assure you that with these unique 7 steps you can increase your restaurant’s web traffic. If you take well planned and structured way of promoting your restaurant then I guaranty that the profit of your business will increase tenfold.

About The Author

Miss Amrita Singh is a POS specialist who has more than 10 years’ experience in writing contents on the topics of retail & restaurant technologies. She is the lead content writer in Chronito Technologies, a renowned POS software development firm in Kolkata, India.