30 Major Reasons Behind the Importance of Customer satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry


Customers are like a god for any restaurant. If you want your restaurant to become highly profitable then it is very important that your customers are satisfied with your service.

To make your customers happy you have to do exactly what they want, have to fulfill their expectations. Then only they will return to your restaurant again. But if you don’t fulfill your customers’ expectations then at least you will know the areas to target to improve your services.

According to the data of the National Restaurant Association, the majority of successful restaurants are successful due to their large loyal customer base. A restaurant consists of several groups of people who work as a team to fulfill a single objective i.e., to satisfy their customers.

If your services satisfy your customers then it will increase your restaurant’s profits. So, it becomes very much important for you to satisfy your customers by providing different rewards.

Generally, there are 3 types of customers which are:

Pic. Interior of a restaurant

  • Customers who come to a restaurant only once or twice and never again.
  • Customers who come now and then, but not often at all.
  • The last type is the ones who are frequent visitors.


The restaurant staffs can recognize the last type of customers as they are frequent visitors. This type of customers is very much important for your restaurant’s success.

By observing your restaurant’s customer feedback you will get to know what exactly your customers think about:

  • Menu selection

    Pic. Restaurant customer feedback

  • Food quality
  • Waiting times
  • Menu pricing and value
  • Professionalism and friendliness of servers
  • Promptness of service
  • Décor
  • Server’s knowledge of the menu
  • Overall restaurant experience
  • Restaurant location


By checking what customers want & acting upon them, the restaurants have found that this survey improves the key restaurant metrics like increased spends per visit, increased recommendations, and repeat business.

Do these things to increase your customer’s satisfaction to a great extent:

  1. Communication with the customers

It is very important to have direct communication with customers. If it is conducted properly, it can be the best advertisement for the business.

Pic. Talking with customers

On the other hand, customer dissatisfaction and poor communication can lead to negative consequences. However, recognizing customer needs and fulfilling them through quality services will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

  1. Get to know your customers


 Generally, customers’ expectations originate from:

  • Personal value systems
  • Their habits
  • Momentary moods
  • The value system, culture and social status
  • Attitudes towards the culture they are visiting
  • Customers have different needs:
  • Satisfaction with accommodation
  • Changing their surroundings
  • Seeing natural beauties
  • Good food and drink
  • Having experiences they will remember
  • Pleasant and peaceful rest and sleep
  • Providing high-quality customer services includes:
  • Ability to communicate in many languages
  • Recognizing their expectations
  • Being open, smiling, very polite and in a good mood
  • Excellent knowledge of everything the location has to offer
  • Knowledge of the culture customers come from
  • Acceptance and understanding of specific characteristics
  • Online reviews

The big bonus of using customer feedback surveys at the restaurants is the ability to reduce online negative reviews on social media and websites. So it is very important to get customers reviews on a table survey which will express their frustration before they leave so it will be less likely to blast you publicly online.

  1. Increase sales with incentives

According to the research, if you offer discounts or coupon as an incentive to complete an in-person survey, you will get more customers to participate. So your restaurant can use the surveys to introduce a loyalty program like coupons to make sure repeat purchases.

  1. Get honest feedback

Pic. Customer Feedback matters the most

If you ask your customers about how they liked the meal or how their experience was, you will not get an honest answer which will help your business to grow. Customers generally don’t complain if the cashier is rude or the meal is just drowning in oil.

So try to get a brief survey on their way out. The customers will give you negative feedback as their experience is still fresh. You should learn how to embrace negative feedback. This can be a very powerful tool to make the necessary changes.

  1. Collect customer details

While collecting customers’ feedback about the food, operations & quality of the service, also take down your customers email address for further marketing promotions. In the brief five-question survey, one final question can be “Please enter the email address to get promotional offers and discounts.”

  1. Monitor quality

The only way to outdo the competitors is to find all the flaws in your business and solve them. Some flaws are not related to staff or management. Maybe you have a sharp team, but there are things that only customers will notice. So, try to know those things from the customers in surveys.

Pic. Food Quality check

It is important to acknowledge the positive as well as negative feedback. You can just send a message thanking the customers for their positive feedback and for the negative feedback it is important to notify the customers that what steps have been taken.

Some more ways you can increase your customer’s satisfaction:

Pic. Yelp Business Review site

  • A slight increase in customer satisfaction can earn you millions of dollars revenues.
  • Even it is seen that a single-digit more increase in your restaurant’s Yelp ratings can earn you more than 5% increase in profits.
  • Nowadays, people used to go through top online customer review sites like Google reviews, Yelp and many more. This trend of reading reviews is increasing day by day.
  • It is seen that customers want restaurateurs should remember their names & their favorite dish.
  • It is also seen that the majority of people won’t visit a restaurant if it has negative reviews in online review sites.
  • So, the restaurants must be very active in top social media sites & get a positive review over there.


Now some actionable steps to make your customers feel happier are:

Pic. Use a POS system to increase your customer satisfaction.

  • You can make the area surrounding the dining table more relaxing with low volume soothing music.
  • Can have separate spaces in the dining table where customers can keep their electronic gadgets so that they can enjoy a smooth and satisfactory meal.
  • You can also do a funny trick. You can keep away any type of clocks from the restaurant so that customers don’t have access to the time & stay longer in your restaurant.
  • Your restaurant can help your customers in celebrating their special occasions like birthday, anniversaries etc. In this way, you can relate more to your customers.
  • Another way around, you can take the help of cutting edge technologies like POS systems for your restaurant which will increase your work efficiency as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.

Just make sure you don’t lose a customer. Many restaurants spend funds and efforts to get new customers rather than retaining the existing one.