How your Restaurant can increase Customer Retention by using Integrated CRM System

Restaurant POS

CRM is a technology that is used to store, manage and collect information about the customers. It is an integral part to run any customer driven business. The CRM database helps to market the restaurant brand intelligently and also increase the level of customer service.

When the CRM of the restaurant is an integrated module in its POS system (the customers place orders, make requests, run payments) the restaurant operators can collect an unprecedented amount of information about the customers. By tracking customer interactions with restaurant website, Get a real-time view of customer activity and save information into a database.

Though e-mail marketing and e-commerce platform features are impressive, CRM pulls all the data together. An accessible and comprehensive CRM system allows the restaurateurs to understand the guests better, make best decisions for the business and create long-term relationships with the customers.

Strategic marketing campaigns

If you have a well-designed CRM system you don’t have to worry. It will make it easy to collect all the information about the guests and will also break down and analyse the information that is collected. It helps the restaurant owners to create a personalised marketing campaign easily in order to drive them back again into the restaurants. The restaurant operators can send mail and segment the data and offer personalised deals and discounts to the customers. The data can be used to find all the customers who have ordered the cocktail or any particular appetiser. So the owner can use that list and offer a promotion on a dish to the customers they have enjoyed previously.

Loyalty Programs

In restaurants, reward and loyalty programs have become commonplace as they attract the customers to come back and spend more money. After you get to know who are your regular and highest spending guests then you can reward them and show appreciation or encourage to return to your restaurant. Loyalty programs become easier to manage and promote if your POS system has an integrated CRM system. The customers enter the tip and directly sign on the tablet based restaurant POS system. It easily allows them to opt in to your reward programs. The guests can pay any time with their debit or credit card and the loyalty programs will be associated automatically with the contact history in CRM.

Collect customer data

As all the data are segmented so many restaurants don’t know that how much or what information they have about the customers. A restaurant can have a separate point of sale, an online ordering vendor and a loyalty program. All these can collect information independently about their customers. Finally, the fragmented data are arranged in a central location to make customer’s detailed database of the order history and contact information. The contact history will not be limited to only in house purchases if it is a truly integrated POS. If you host delivery services and online ordering through POS system, you can collect the customer data for your online customer and also in-store guests. Then the information that is collected and stored in CRM can be used to get some insight about the customers. In order to identify the regular customers, its orders and highest spending guests, the owner can use the data that is stored in the CRM. They can make the decision that what to remove and keep from the menu to improve margins.

Customer retention

Make your customer’s experience with the restaurant a good one so they keep coming back. Customers’ feedback and suggestion are important. Communicate with the customer. It is a tool for the customer to speak to your restaurant. Don’t lose any customer over a badly handled complaint. People tell five people if it is a good one, but ten people if they experience a bad service. So don’t avoid them and be quick to respond. Dealing efficiently and promptly with the dissatisfied customer calms them down usually. Make sure your restaurant has the same problem when they come back.