How To Determine Cost of Restaurant Reservation Systems: Expectations vs. Reality


Now in today’s digital world, a mobile app exists for anything you want. It is already seen that to flourish in any business, it is utmost compulsory to build a relevant mobile app also. Like other businesses, even the restaurant business is also reaping the benefits of mobile applications. The cost of restaurant reservation systems must be affordable to you if you want to avail such apps.

All restaurants follow a simple give and take policy. The customers want a good quality of the food which the restaurants have to provide.

To make the customer’s restaurant visit a memorable one, all the initiatives have to be taken by the restaurant itself. For this reason, the restaurant must possess a great quality restaurant reservation system.

Most of the people want to access the restaurant online only. They want to book the table & order their food online.

This can be done by a modern restaurant reservation system. With just a tap of a finger, your table in the restaurant can be booked. This reservation technology has completely revolutionized the way restaurants used to work.

Everyone including the restaurant owners, employees and even the customers can reap the benefits of these reservation system apps.

Although a restaurant reservation system is a great software technology still everyone has the same question in their mind- what is the cost of these restaurant reservation systems?

Digital Reservation Systems are a Craze Right Now

You won’t believe that your restaurant business will be completely at a loss if you don’t implement a restaurant reservation app for your business.

This type of reservation software is very popular and trusts me!! They will make you the leader of the restaurant business.

Do you want to know exactly how this software can help you?

  • This restaurant reservation software can provide a customized plan for diners.
  • This software stores all the possible data about the customer such as what are their preferences, whether they are booking the table for any special occasions etc.
  • Even this software can keep records about the diseases customers are suffering from.
  • This detailed personal information of the customers makes your dining experience more special.
  • With time the customer database will grow at an exponential rate.


You will be surprised to know that this reservation system can work in the hours other than the business hours.

If you own this software then people can book their dining seats directly through the reservation app whenever they want to eat outside.

  • You will get all the real-time information about the customer reservation in the app.
  • Even you can contact with your customer via emails or chat messages with this app.
  • Even you can send reminders to your customers through emails with this app.


These reservation apps show all the available data about the restaurant (including the vacant tables) to your guest in real-time.

By observing the eating behavior of your guests in this app, you get to know exactly in which direction your restaurant business is leading you.

When both the reservation app and your Point of Sale systems are interlinked then you can easily watch the customer behavior, create business reports etc.

With these restaurant reservation apps, you will see your restaurant business growing day by day. You will even get to know what are your flaws or drawbacks & exactly what you have to do to overcome them.

Although this reservation software is highly beneficial for your restaurant business bus still all have the same question in their mind- What’s the cost of this software?

Price of a Restaurant Reservation App

Restaurant Reservation App

Pic. A Restaurant Reservation App with a POS System

It is a real fact that no matter how efficient your software is but still it should be affordable w.r.t cost. If you know exactly what is the cost of this app or software then you can negotiate with other restaurant reservation software providers.

Whenever you want to buy this type of software then you may have to pay either a transaction fee, subscription fee or software integration fee.

Suppose you have a restaurant and you are looking for a great restaurant reservation app for it. Imagine that this restaurant has around 15 reservations per week. As their reservations are growing day by day so they are looking for good quality restaurant reservation software to help them.

Now we will read here in details about the different fees or charges of this software

About the Subscription Charges

iPad POS

Pic. Billing done in an iPad POS

If you listen to any streaming music or videos then you must know that there is a monthly charge to use it. Similarly, there is a monthly charge for using this restaurant reservation system also.

Different software providers have different subscription fees. Some providers even don’t charge any subscription fees at all.

You may give top preference to such companies who don’t charge any subscription fees for their software but there may be hidden charges exists.

So, after enquiring different companies, our imagined restaurant observed that each of them have different subscription fees, some high and some low.

About Transaction Charges

It is a type of fees which is charged to the restaurant by the reservation app for each reservation booked by the app. Let’s say that your reservation app has a special plugin or widget integrated with it. If this widget is used to reserve a table then you have to pay for the use of that widget.

As you are searching for a great reservation app so you have to prepare a budget for all these transaction fees & subscription fees accordingly.

Even there are software providers who don’t have any transaction fees at all. Ultimately, everything depends upon the restaurant, with whom they want to go.

But after calculating everything about the fees there is still another problem. Suppose after the reservation is done the guest doesn’t show up. But your reservation app will deduct the charges for the guest.

Although restaurants can charge a penalty fee to the guests for not showing up you can lose your customers due to this system. Just think who wants to pay penalty charges?

People will try to opt for those restaurants which don’t have reservation cancellation charges.

About the Integration Charges

The main advantage of using these types of reservation apps is that it can easily integrate with your restaurant’s Point of Sale system. For this integration to become reality you have to pay an integration fee.

When you are buying any reservation apps then make sure that you know very well about the integration fees beforehand.

Our imagined restaurant has to consider a lot of options before buying a reservation app, most of which I have already discussed. Now some of the options more which they have to consider are:

  • Whether they have to pay every month or just a single time?
  • If you integrate both the systems then is there any fear of losing data?
  • Also, you have to consider what other restaurants are paying for their reservation apps?
  • Do you have to pay only for one-time or multiple times?


As you can see that there are a lot of questions you can ask. So, you can ask a lot of questions to the app providers before choosing a best and suitable reservation app for you.

Some Final Words About The Cost of Restaurant Reservation Systems

Today our world is dominated with different varieties of mobile apps like Swiggy, UberEats etc. As more & more restaurants are using the power of apps to diversify their businesses so it’s completely your responsibility to check the cost of your restaurant reservation software. A right choice will make you and your business more profitable.

Everyone knows that if you want to use any new technology then you have to pay for it. It will be a foolish decision to stay behind the competition and don’t want to implement any new technology for your restaurant business.