6 ways how Restaurant POS can increases sales of Quick Service Restaurant

Restaurant POS can increases sales of Quick Service Restaurant

People nowadays have become health conscious. On the other hand, QSR is known to be just the opposite A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) offers food that has been pre-made. It only needs last minute preparation before serving. Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) are expanding and emerging as they provide faster at low cost. Speed in service, convenient locations and competitive price mark the characteristics of QSR. It is considered to be the low-risk ventures in terms of investment and operations. Running a fast food Restaurant can be a demanding job. It is not an easy as it looks like. However, using POS software can be a game changer for Fast food Restaurant. POS Software can give your Restaurant a new level of control over operations, boosting profits, increasing efficiency and will fine tune your business.

Restaurant POS can increases sales of Quick Service Restaurant

  1. Maintaining consistency

Maintaining consistency is one of the important things to run a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain across all outlets. In order to establish brand loyalty among the customers, consistency and quality go side by side. This can be achieved with centralized distribution method across outlets called Spokes and the Hub Model. The spokes represent different outlets while the hub represents the central base kitchen. The whole cooking part is done at the base kitchen and the last level is left for the outlets. Use of standard recipes and minimum interference with preparation method and pre-decided ingredients will result from similar tastes across the outlets.

  1. Maintaining quality

Quality of food cannot be compromised as now consumers are becoming more conscious. It should be maintained starting from the preparation to presenting to the customers.

These points should be considered:

  • Receiving supplies: Make sure the pre-cooked ingredients and supplies received are of good quality. Do quality check at each stage.
  • Quality control checks and audits: Quality control identifies the weakness and flaws to help you to overcome them. It should be done to make sure you provide good quality ingredients that are used to prepare dishes.
  • Centralized procurement: If you purchase supplies from a trusted vendor it helps in ensuring consistency and quality throughout the outlets.
  • Inventory and stocking management: After you have received the supplies at the outlet, store it properly to avoid wastage. So use a POS software which has inbuilt inventory and stocking management.


  1. Serve Multi cuisine

Being a QSR you can’t change and start a buffet system, but at least don’t stick to that boring pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. What you can do is change the name and add something with it. For example, if you serve the burger with beans, then add some nachos with it and name the Mexican Delight. In this way rename your food items and update it on the Restaurant POS software so that no one gets confused between the new and old names.

  1. Fast Checkout

One of the important features of the QSR POS is to provide efficient and quick billing. Fast food restaurants are known for its fast service so you cannot waste much time on each order. Restaurant POS software simplifies the checkout process. It means the staffs will not have to make manual effort to complete a transaction.

  1. Inventory tracking

A POS system can make an inventory management system easy and effortless. You can monitor all types of information from purchases to individual transactions. It will make the ordering from the vendors easy and the manager will not have to waste time to calculate the re-order level.

  1. Combos and Discounts

The QSR is known for attractive discounts and combos. So choose a Restaurant POS Software which can make different discount offers and combos easily. You can select the discounts and combos in the POS system. It will save your time every time an order comes up. As a result, you can apply directly the discount or offer without having any trouble. If you have several offers running, this feature is very useful in that case.