7 Interesting Ways By Which Your Quick Service Restaurant Can Make Better Their Digital Signage Technologies

Digital Signage used in a QSR


Most of the Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are implementing cutting edge digital technologies to communicate with their valuable customers. They are also using these modern technologies to improve whatever services they offer & also to improve their experience while dining.

With these new technologies now customers can easily customize whatever they want to order. Even they can pay & checkout quicker in a very efficient way. These technologies have the facilities to entertain the customers and inform them about the latest updates of their order.

McDonald’s is one such QSR which is using these latest technologies in all of their outlets around the world to reach closer to their valuable customers.

The types of technologies which QSRs are trying to implement are:

  • Customer-driven technology
  • Digital technology
  • Supply chain technology & many more…


According to the higher management of McDonald’s, the combination of the above technologies has earned them valuable customers and tremendous revenues.

Do you have a small QSR or trying to start one? Then I am providing you with a list of technologies which you must use to earn great revenues from it:

  1. SOC or System on Chip Technology


If you want to improve your digital signage network then you must implement a SOC (System on Chip) technology. In this technology, screen built media players are highly used. Due to these in-built media players, the downtime has reduced to a great extent. Even then you will not face any technical issues.

With the help of this SOC technology, your digital signage installations will become more streamlined. No doubt this will reduce your cost.

SOC like integrated systems can connect a screen POS (Point of Sale) pricing. As a result, you will get digital menu systems with great automatic updates.

  1. Day Parting Technology


Day Parting is such a technology which indicates the top hours of the day at which content can be posted on digital menu boards & screens. This is such a brilliant technology that most of the famous restaurant brands have employed it in their breakfast and lunch orders. With this technology, your restaurant will become more flexible and fast.

  1. Weather-based Content


There are several external factors which affect the buying habits of people. Some of the factors are:

  • Location of a specific QSR
  • The timing of the day
  • The weather condition & many more…


Data localized bespoke contents are nowadays becoming more famous. It is a part of well-planned marketing. This technology can easily determine the mood of the customers & the items they can be served in particular weather.

  1. Digital Drive Thru’ Technology


Digital Drive Thru can promote weather based content & day-parting more effectively. This technology can also integrate with promotional products & offers. According to McDonald’s, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the restaurant industry.

  1. Playing Music in Stores


In-Store Music in Restaurant

In-Store Music Played in Restaurant

Music systems and high definition digital audios can enhance the dining experience of restaurants. They help the several outlets of the restaurant in those works which are more time-consuming. Now with the help of in-store music technology, you can create great playlists & update those playlists with nice songs.

With this in-store music technology, you can control which song or music you want to play to ease the mood of your customer.

  1. Restaurant WiFi


Woman in QSR Surfing Internet By Her Smartphone

A Woman with Mobile Enjoying Internet WiFi in a QSR

Most of the QSRs are offering free Wi-Fi to their customers. It is simply awesome. Implementing wifi can increase your restaurant’s customer satisfaction.

With WiFi you can:

  • Know your customers better
  • Diminish order waiting times
  • Send brand loyalty and promotional offers & many more…


Even with wifi, your loyal customers can promote your QSR via social media apps.

  1. Technology To Train Your QSR Employees


This digital signage technology can be used to recruit staffs of your restaurant but also can be used to train them by digital screens. 

Some Final Words

Last but not the least it can be said that to last in this highly competitive QSR business, restaurant owners must use the cutting edge restaurant technologies.

I will only suggest them to research upon the latest digital signage technologies which are now in craze in the restaurant industry & implement them.

In this way, these small quick-service restaurants can increase their customer database, promote their brand & can earn huge revenues.