10 Ways to Draw Customers to Your Restaurant

draw customers to your Restaurant

Restaurant owners are always searching for some fresh and new restaurant promotion ideas which will attract new customers. The ability to attract and maintain customers is important for the success of a restaurant. It depends on the volume of customers that is coming to your restaurant. Actively promoting a restaurant will lead in long term success.

Just having an Open sign in the front of the window will not attract customers. To attract more customers you need to have a great restaurant website. Social media and mobile have changed everything about marketing. You need a constant flow of customers on a daily basis in your restaurant. When people are looking a good place to eat your marketing should be so strong that they will have heard of your restaurant and want to try it.

In order to make sure that new flowing cash comes into your restaurant you will have to up your marketing strategy. There is no excuse to make for lack of initiative in a segment of the marketing and reduced number of customers. Here are 10 marketing ideas to help you to attract new customers.

  1. Leaflets about restaurant’s offer

Make sure your restaurant’s offer lasts at least for 30 days. Make conversations with the potential customers openly and friendly. Don’t treat them as strangers, but as partners. The leaflet with a stimulating offer should be well designed by professional and it should be in a size which will fit in a wallet.

  1. Build Customer’s database

Get emails of your customers and send those specials and daily offers. Try to send it in the morning and also before noon when the lunch time has begun. With it, give some mouthwatering descriptions and pictures of the items. While making customer database, you get the best marketing strategy for promotion.

  1. Give 20% off

You have to provide a 20 percent discount to stimulate your customers. It is enough to attract the targeted customers and will make a profit. For example, you can offer two pasta for the price of one. It is a very useful way to attract new customers.

  1. Happy Hour

During the slow hours in a day, this promotion can help to boost your business. Usually, happy hour is in the late afternoon Monday through Thursday. It often takes place between 4 to 8 PM. This happy hour lasts longer than 1 hour. So let the customers enjoy the happy hour after a long working day. When making a happy hour menu, keep half price of food and drinks and the guests will happily pay and eat more.

  1. 10% off on delivery

A special 30-day offer is a good restaurant promotion idea. Give 10% discount on delivery. It is sufficient for a targeted group to get interested. There are many ways to attract customers and increase profit. So keep coming up with improvements and new ideas and put them into practice.

  1. Customer Referrals

When someone hears about your restaurant, especially from friends and family, it can influence them more than advertising. So offer a referral business card to each of your customers so they can give it to others. Give discounts to the new customer on the first meal. You can also give a 50 percent discount coupon to the referring customer on his next meal.

  1. Networking

Go out and look for new customers rather than waiting for them. Drop lunch menus to the local businesses in your area and also add coupons to attract new customers to try your restaurant. Visit the local hotels which do not have in-house restaurants and offer discounts if their guests dine at your restaurant.

  1. Target marketing

Once you understand the type of customers that attracts your restaurant then you can target those audiences with inexpensive marketing tactics. If the restaurant attracts a professional crowd, then getting involved in a local chamber of commerce will help your restaurant seen by the right people. But if the customers enjoy sports, then creating promotions and specials during game days will help to expand the number of customers who hear about the place.

  1. Merchandising

Develop a logo of your restaurant ad gives T-shirts to the customers. It should have contact information and location. Offer merchandise for sale to the customers like baseball hats, bottles of sauces, and cookbooks. By getting the logo, restaurant and food out in the public will attract new customers.

  1. Free WiFi

Nowadays WiFi is as important as running water in the toilets. Most places have started to get this fact and things are improving. So make it free, make it easily accessible and make it fast, and you will get lots more customers.