10 Astounding Ways You Can Use Technology To Attract Millennials To Your Restaurant & Increase Revenues


“It is observed that more than 70% of people generally read Google Reviews before visiting any restaurant.”


The year 2020 has already arrived and the majority of the restaurants have taken different ways to attract most of the Millennial generation. It is seen that the Millennial generation consists of around 40% of the total population of the whole world.

Millennial people used to do different types of activities in a restaurant like organizing meet-ups, parties, family dining etc. So, the restaurants need to increase the Millennial customer base to drive huge profits to their restaurants.

Now, let’s check out the ways with which restaurants can attract the Millennial generation:

  1. By the Advent of Social Media Marketing


Millennials love social media better than anyone. They simply love it. All of them remain glued to their smartphones, browsing whatever apps or news they find.

So, if the restaurants can target the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. then they will hit the bull’s eye. You must use these social media sites to promote your restaurant’s interior designs, recipe, food varieties etc.

  1. Use Different Technology-Based Chat Options


Millennials simply can’t survive without technology. You can use a variety of technologies to reach them. At first, you can create a website which will create a gold space for you in the online world.

If you can avail a good restaurant POS system then you can easily collect data about your customers. Now you can divide your customers into different groups and segments based on various factors and send them periodic emails and messages about your restaurant events.

Even you can perform online table reservation and food ordering so that customers can choose their food items of choice and the date of visit in advance. I think this feature is the best, what technology can offer to you.

Because of it from now on, you don’t have to wait in a line outside the restaurant during peak hours.

  1. Enlist Your Restaurant in Top-Notch Business Directory Sites


I have already mentioned that more than 70% of Millennials used to go through Google Reviews before opting out for any restaurants.

Some of the top-top business directory sites are Google Business, Bing, Yelp, HotFrog etc. These are the best business directories on which you can register your business details.

Google loves that information which is true. So, Google will give more importance to those restaurants which have provided detail information about them. If you want to increase the revenues and traffic of your restaurant then you MUST register it in different business directory sites.

  1. Provide Online Discount Coupons and Loyalty Programs


You can provide the best quality discount coupons or loyalty programs to your repeat customers which will increase the standard of your restaurant.

You know if you can convince your first-time customers to avail for loyalty programs then there is a great chance that they will visit again. You must target this promotional activity towards Millennials because they will love it.

Millennials prefer point-based loyalty programs because they know that with each order they can increase redeemed points. Along with redeemed points, you have to offer them bonuses and referral campaigns.

These loyalty programs will make your restaurant their first choice. These loyalty programs have become more important to attract these Millennials as they prefer to reserve their table via mobile apps only.

  1. Serve Them Very Health Food Items


Pic. Healthy Food in a Restaurant

It is observed that Millennials are very health conscious. Becoming health conscious has become utmost important these days because the life span of normal humans has decreased drastically. So, you must consider providing them with extremely healthy and nutritious food items.

  1. Organizing Parties and Events


It is seen that restaurants are organizing a lot of parties and events to attract new customers. People love to attend these events.

If you can organize different singers, comedians and buffet tables in these restaurants then more & more Millennials and youngsters will attend it.

You can also organize different charities and social events to attract people and let them dine in your restaurant.

  1. Do a Lot of Content Marketing Online


Millennials love to read a lot. They give more value to their money. They will surely try to know exactly where they are spending their hard-earned money.

I will advise you to maintain a restaurant blog consisting of a lot of food articles, your employee details, if you have any special announcements to make and even what type of events you will organize during the festive seasons etc.

It is seen that blogs are the best bet for chatting about your foods and services as well as share important images.

  1. Tell Your Prospective Customers To Write Reviews Online


It is seen generally that customers read online reviews about any product before buying it. Please tell your customers to write positive reviews in their respective social media accounts so that more & more people can know about your business.

Everyone knows that words spread faster than fire. Your positive reviews will encourage other people also to visit your restaurant. If your restaurant provides state of the art services to its customers than everyone will admire your restaurant.

  1. Your Restaurant Environment Must Be Cozy, Trendy and Customer Friendly


You must have an Instagram account for your beloved restaurant. It is seen that people more often share their daily activities in social giants like Facebook, Instagram etc.

It is guaranteed that you will feel enlighten when you post a great pic of your favorite dish in a great restaurant.

The things a Millennial looks for in a restaurant are:

  • A great friendly interior design
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Soothing and relaxing music in the background
  • Healthy and tasty food items etc.


  1. Make Your Social Presence More Strong


If you want to connect with the younger generation then you must converse with them in the language that they understand. You have to make your move very wisely.

Just search about the thing which is trending in their community. Then use that thing to promote your restaurant business. Suppose a movie of James Cameron is getting viral among the youngsters. Now use it to create special recipes and food items so that more & more young people visit your restaurant and enjoy the movie with your food.

Some Final Words

Be a super marketer. If you can know exactly where the Millennials hang out online then it will be a jackpot for you. They want a great food experience. The key to your success is to know beforehand what their expectations are and chalking out an excellent marketing plan for it.

About The Author

Miss Amrita Singh is a restaurant marketing expert who has an experience of more than a decade in writing contents on the topics of restaurant technologies. She is an expert content writer for Chronito Technologies, a leading restaurant management development company in Kolkata, India.