13 Stellar Ways How An Ideal POS System Can Increase The Profits of Your Quick Service Restaurant

Nowadays, people have become more health-conscious. Majority of the time they used to eat healthy foods. But during cheat days they opt for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) which offers pre-made food.

In QSRs, you don’t have to cook foods for a long time. In here, the food is already cooked. Just a last-minute preparation is required before serving it hot & fresh.

In QSRs, the service is very fast with available in convenient locations & with competitive price. These are some of the characteristics of an ideal QSR.

If you want an absolute low-risk venture in terms of investment & operations then you can start a business of Quick Service Restaurants. But here is a word of caution. Starting a QSR business is highly competitive & demanding. It’s not at all an easy job.

But if you use a POS software system then it will be a game-changer for your QSR business. POS Software can give your Restaurant a new level of control over operations, boosting profits, increasing efficiency and will fine-tune your business. Restaurant POS can increase sales of Quick Service Restaurants.

1. Maintaining Consistency

One of the most important things to run a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains across all the outlets is to maintain consistency. If you want to establish brand loyalty among the customers then both consistency & quality are the two major factors which go side by side.

It can be possible if you can implement a centralized distribution network across all the outlets known as Hub & Spoke model.

2. The Hub and Spoke Model

The hub represents the central base kitchen & the spokes represent the different outlets. The entire cooking part is done in that central base kitchen.

After that, the cooked food is served in different outlets. Use of standard recipes and minimum interference with a preparation method and pre-decided ingredients will result from similar tastes across the outlets.

3. Maintaining Quality

As the quality of food cannot be compromised at all so now the consumers are also becoming more conscious. The quality of food must have to be maintained at any cost from start to finish.

You must consider these points at first:

Just make sure that the pre-cooked food ingredients and the supplies what you receive must be of good qualities. Just perform the quality check at each stage.

4. Quality Control Checks and Audits

With the help of quality control, you can identify the weakness & flaws which you have to overcome if you want to get profits from the QSR business. Quality control checks must be implemented so that you provide good quality food ingredients so that you can prepare the right dish for your customers.

An Ongoing Food Quality Check

5. Centralized Procurement

If you purchase supplies from a trusted vendor it helps in ensuring consistency and quality throughout these outlets.

6. Inventory and Stock Management

When you receive the supplies at your outlet then store it properly to avoid any type of wastage. For this purpose use such POS software which has great inbuilt inventory & stock management facility.

7. Serve Multi-Cuisine Food

In a QSR business you can’t run a buffet system but at least don’t stick to that boring pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. A brilliant idea can be to modify your existing menu items by adding some additional items to it & changing their old name.

For example, if you serve the burger with beans, then add some nachos with it and name the Mexican Delight. In this way rename your food items and update them on the Restaurant POS software so that no one gets confused between the new and old names.

8. Faster Checkout

One of the most important features of QSR POS is to provide efficient and very quick billing. Fast food restaurants are known for their fast service so you cannot waste much time on each order.

Restaurant POS software simplifies the checkout process. With using this POS software, the restaurant staffs don’t have to make any manual effort to complete any transactions.

9. Inventory Tracking

A POS system can genuinely make an inventory management system very easy and effortless to use. With these POS systems, you can monitor all types of information from purchases to individual transactions single-handedly.

These POS systems will make the ordering from the vendors very easy and the manager will not have to waste time to calculate the re-orders.

10. Combos and Discounts

If you run a QSR restaurant then you must provide very attractive discounts & combos. So, you have to choose such restaurant POS software which can provide different discount offers and combos very easily.

Your POS system must have the facility of selecting discounts and combos. Whenever an order comes up then this POS system will save you precious time.

As a result, you can apply directly the discount or offer without having any trouble. If you have several offers running, this feature is very useful in that case.

11. The Ideal Restaurant Management Technology

To run your QSR restaurant you don’t need any big computers and cash registers. These computers, registers, hardcopy orders can make your restaurant look clumsier.

Even they will also create confusion & misunderstandings among your employees. If you have a great POS system then trust me, your restaurant efficiency will increase.

With the POS system, you can increase the number of sales in a given time. If you use obsolete technology then it will be very frustrating for you and your employees to handle the daily operations.

12. Report Generation and Analyzing Feature

An ideal restaurant POS has the facility of report generation. The generated report will have the following options:

  • Showing the number of sales occurred in your restaurant and all your branches.
  • The number of bills generated at a particular time.
  • The number of discounts given to your customers.
  • The number of expired orders & many such things.


So if you buy a modern POS system which is integrated with report generation feature then you can control all your restaurant operations & increase the restaurant sales.

13. Promotion By The Customers Themselves

Customers will promote your restaurant to others by mouth if you can provide them with quality food & service. Every promotion strategy falls behind the power of mouth.

It is seen that an angry customer can say bad words to more people than a satisfied customer. Please don’t you ever make your customers ever dissatisfied. A dissatisfied customer will hamper the brand value of your restaurant.

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