4 Interesting Ways Small Retailers Can Retain Their Customers in the Near Future


In the USA, more than 90% of retail transactions are done by in-store retails. So, from this fact, it can be easily understood that in-store retails are very much important to win in the retail business.

If you really want to get a great in-store facility for your retail then you have to provide a lot of options like online shopping, personal touchpoint shopping, hand-on shopping etc. These options will obviously increase the speed & enjoyment of in-store shopping.

This in-store facility can only be modernized if they implement a great Point of Sale system. These modern POS systems can be easily available to retailers. These POS systems can provide a great state of the art branded outlook along with quality customer service experience.

To lead their retail business in 2020 AD, the retailers must provide the following great features to their prospective customers:

  1. A new checkout feature


Customers don’t like to wait in long queues in front of cash counters in the retail stores. As a result, a majority of customers leave a store. As a result, stores are facing a huge loss in their sales.

Nowadays, especially the younger generations don’t have enough patience. They want everything instantly.

Tablet based Modern POS Systems

A Tablet based POS System

But the hard truth is that most of the retailers are using very old & clumsy checkout processes still now. They don’t want to implement an advanced mode of transactions because this will cost them huge.

The retailers think that it is completely a waste of money to implement modern POS systems. But in reality, the modern POS systems work on the technology of cloud computing. You can do checkout in any corner of the store, it accepts a large number of payment options.

POS Connecting a Retail with Happy Customer

One of the most precious features of this POS system is that they can go on working during a power failure in the store. Now is the time that retailers just throw off the clumsy calculators once for all and replace them with state of the art mobile POS devices.

These mobile POS systems can create a lifelong experience by making a transaction process more fast, secured & smooth.

  1. A great shopping experience anywhere in the world


Generally, the retailer brands have already established their store physically long before going online. So the technologies which are used to implement them both i.e., physically and online, are generally unique and apart.

A Modern Cloud based POS System

A Modern Cloud based POS System

That is the main reason behind the clumsy and very bad shopping experience by customers when they try to buy items from different channels online.

The good news is that the modern POS devices are well connected to most of the sales channels which enable them to work smoothly with any retail brands either through in-stores, mobile devices or desktops etc.

In-Store Retail POS

An In-Store Retail POS

You can access your retail data anytime, anywhere which includes customer shopping data, discounts & coupons information etc. But in any case, it is found that the order is not available in-store then customers can avail the order from other channels with which the POS system is connected.

With these POS systems, you can even perform online transactions & in-store pickups which increases customer convenience and satisfaction. These systems increase store traffic as well as increase the number of sales.

  1. Save your precious time from long aisles


The retail is changing and it’s changing very fast. Previously, the time was for big departmental stores but now large varieties of smaller stores have emerged in the retail market.

In-Store Retail Aisle

Retail Store Aisle

You will get all the products of renowned brands over these smaller branded stores. Because of these smaller branded stores, the performance and efficiency of the retailers have highly increased.

But also it has become a huge challenge for these smaller retailers to offer branded products to their customers.

Those retailers who have opted for the modern POS systems have achieved success in a very short time. These POS systems create a horde of infinite inventories which will be available for customers to choose.

Inventories in POS System

Inventories in a POS Device

These modern POS systems contain a large number of inventories and products, product data and in-store options. All of these data are available in the retailer’s mobile as well as in the kiosks of in-stores.

These mobile POS devices and in-store kiosks provide the customers with all the available data of the retail including the complete product catalogues available in it.

If by any chance any product is not available in the small retail then these mobile POS systems or the in-stores have the option of placing the order online if the customer wants. In this way, smaller retail brands increase their revenues.

  1. Customer satisfaction is the main success key


Online shopping and in-store shopping are very much different. In the in-store shopping, the retail associates can help the customer with anything they want to buy but this is not possible with online shopping.

A Retail Associate with a modern POS

A Retail Associate

So, it becomes very much important for the retailer or the retail associate to make the customer feel that he is very special. If he feels that he is getting extra attention then in no time he will become your one of the most loyal customers.

All the above things can be achieved by these modern POS systems. But do you know how this can be achieved?

Well! These POS systems have enormous information about all the products of the store. This horde of information enables the retail associate to help the customer in the right direction.


An Old POS vs Modern POS System in a Tablet

Even these POS systems have detail information about the customers. You may be wondering exactly what information it stores about the customers? They are:

  • The detail shopping history of the customers
  • The size of purchases they made
  • Likes, dislikes and preferences of them
  • The size of the clothes they chose
  • Wish lists, any loyalty programs they have signed up
  • In-app as well as personal communications history & many more…


With the passing time, technology is also changing at a rapid pace. Even the mindset of people is also changing with time. Now the customers don’t want to waste their precious time and patience in a single retail store.

So, to retain the customers in a store the retailers must replace their old and existing POS systems with the latest plug and play, cloud-based, easily affordable and portable POS systems.

Cloud based Internet Technology

Cloud based Internet Technology

These modern POS systems are one of the most precious assets of a retail store. These POS systems are supported in:

  • iPads
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets & many more devices
POS in iPads

iPad based POS

Its importance is simply incomparable. These POS devices simply raise the customer’s shopping standards. Because of these POS systems, the customers are now very satisfied and happy with the retail services.