Advantages of Android POS System

Advantages of Android POS System

Nowadays, the consumers have more payment options than before. It means the businesses have more choices for the POS solutions. Over the last few years, the POS system has given a huge boost to the restaurant industry. As the technology develops there will be more opportunities come with it that includes improved payment methods, internet integration and faster service.

Every restaurateur has one question that what should they take in POS system, traditional or mobile? Both Traditional and tablet POS system have a host of functions which are an asset to your restaurant operation.

It includes:

  • Setting up tables/open tickets
  • Payment processing via card, check and cash
  • Custom printing
  • Sales reporting and forecasting
  • Making reservations
  • Splitting tabs for payments
  • Delivery/Takeout features
  • Inventory control
  • Waste management


Here are the primary benefits of Android-based mobile POS system:

Cost effective hardware

A tablet computer is not only lighter than traditional POS computer, but it is much cheaper. Cost efficiency is a big seller. It will not only save your money but will also free up more of the budget for other investments and tools which can help to advance your company in future. If Mobile POS system breakdown, it is also easier to repair. As the hardware is just a tablet device so the cost to fix or replace the device is very cheap than to replace a traditional POS machine. It can cost thousands.

Full integration with POS software

Mobile Android based POS does a lot more aside from assisting at the POS. Android POS system don’t only receive payment from customers, it also offers many different functions. It can provide some vital services like:

  • Sales data reporting to access key insights and trends. For example, which products sell the most and when
  • Stored customer data like purchase history and other information which can be used to direct better marketing efforts and also encourages more purchase
  • Employee management functions which can manage and keep a track of the amount of tips that are earned
  • Inventory management and notifications when stocks needs to be replenished

All these features help to integrate with your business. All these different processes can be handled on the same device. So it doesn’t only allow the engine to run smoothly but also enables to see the whole picture that what is going on.

Better customer interactions

A mobile POS system is smaller and sleeker. While older POS systems are bulky, large and also takes up lots of room. The cashier almost hides behind this large machine and feels like we are interacting with the monitor and not with a person. It is incredibly damaging. We love look at the screen of mobile devices and Smartphones. So when it about face to face interactions, most likely it will be the same. You will get a benefit of face to face exchange and more personal with the customer even if you use the Android POS system as stationary sales point as the device is compact and small. It becomes easier and comfortable for the cashier to communicate with the customer.

Android POS is the future. They do not only perform the same functions like the traditional POS system but do much more. This small, sleek and portable design of tablet based POS system allows higher quality interactions and greater flexibility between the customer and the salesperson.